I loved Natalie Caña’s first novel, A Proposal They Can’t Refuse. So, I was doubly excited to be back with the Vega family again in book 2, A Dish Best Served Hot. It’s a second chance love story featuring the oldest Vega brother, Saint, a man who is all about responsibility for his family, his country, and now his little daughter. There’s no room in his life for romance, but when his childhood sweetheart returns to the neighborhood after years apart, he feels the old tug in a big way. Lola León has returned to Humboldt Park to care for her grandfather. She’s a warrior for social justice and cannot turn her back when a shelter for homeless youths is under threat. Equally unable to resist her attraction to Saint, they quickly become blissfully entangled. Saint wants to help Lola but gets concerned when her activism captures the media’s notice. Saint may have to choose between love and his daughter’s safety, when Lola’s high-profile involvement draws attention from some dangerous people. Caña creates an immersive world of rich characters, complex story, and deep romance. I also adore the grandpas, their mischief, their love, and their heroism. Natalie Caña’s narrator, Valentina Ortis, is outstanding. I only wish I could listen to the next book NOW! Look for Sleeping with the Frenemy in June 2024. #23for23

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