Having thoroughly enjoyed A Princess in Theory last month, I scooped up book 2 in Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series. Happy to say, I loved A Duke by Default every bit as much. And yes, I’m aware of the gaffes related to titles, etc. but really, Cole could ask me to believe in fairies and I would. The peerage is a tangle for most American readers as well as a majority of UK readers, if I’m guessing right. So, none of that stuff mattered anyway. What mattered was the story, the romance, the changes and growth that took place in the characters. I listened to the audio book and, although the narrator was outstanding in book 1, she did not handle the Scots accent as well. Still, it didn’t diminish how much I enjoyed the story. Next up, book 3, A Prince on Paper featuring 2 favorite characters from the first two books! #23for23

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