This is book 2 of Primas of Power which delights me because there’s more where this came from. I love second chance romances and this one will take you around the romance bend. I mean, if the love of your life, the only person in the world you have ever loved enough to want to marry, splits town without a word, seemingly without any reason, and stays away for 13 years, you can reasonably write that person off, right? Of course, you do. But what are you going to do if, out of the blue, he sends you a text that reads I miss you? And what if he comes back to town looking unforgivably gorgeous, better looking than when he left? You make him pay, that’s what you do. You wring every excuse, every I’m sorry, and every how can I make it up to you out of him before you fall right back in love again. That’s what you do. Oh man, Alexis Daria knows how to write romance. #23for23.

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