In A Princess in Theory, Alyssa Cole manages to fuse my favorite fairytale, Cinderella, with my favorite Eddie Murphy movie, Coming to America. Naledi, a graduate student, lab tech, and catering waitress has no time for internet scammers from Africa or drunk friends showing up at all hours of the night or the damn fine-looking man who lives across the hall. She needs to keep her shitty jobs, pay her school loans, and secure a good summer internship if she plans to support herself. She doesn’t have rich parents or a Prince Charming waiting in the wings to take care of her. Until one day, a stranger comes to town and turns her carefully managed life on its head. The emails from Africa are not scammers, she does, in fact, have family, her Prince Charming is a real-life Prince from Thesolo to whom she’s been betrothed since childhood. The narrator for the book was fabulous and I got completely swept up in the romance. What is not to love about an Alyssa Cole book! #23for23

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