Another Novel-In-Progress perennial is Chicago-based novelist, Renee James. She is a mentor and a true supporter of writers and the writing community. And her Bobbi Logan novels are outstanding. I mean, how many writers get a recommendation like this:

“You’ve most likely never met a narrator like Bobbi. Tough, tender, funny, full of heart—and a transgender woman.” — Jodi Picoult

My review of A Kind of Justice: Renee James weaves a subtle mystery with complex and flawed heroes and heroines, as well as multidimensional adversaries. James flings open the doors to Bobbi Logan’s private life and most intimate thoughts, shining a sometimes harsh, sometimes compassionate light on living as a transsexual woman. Renee is a great writer and a masterful storyteller.

My review of Seven Suspects: Like a fine suspense novel, this one had me biting my dang nails (they are trashed now, thank you very much Ms James). I should also be upset because the last third of the book had me up until 3am when I should have been getting my beauty rest. Instead, I’m in awe of the writing, the story craft, the details, and I love Bobbi Logan. And Phil. I love Phil, too. If you like mysteries/thrillers, you’re gonna love Seven Suspects.

And here’s the publisher’s description of A Kind of Justice: Against all odds, Bobbi Logan, a statuesque transgender woman, has become one of Chicago’s most celebrated hair stylists and the owner of one of the city’s poshest salons. She is finally comfortable with who she is, widely admired in her community, about to enjoy the success she deserves.  

Then her impossibly perfect life falls apart.

In the space of a few weeks, the Great Recession drags her business to the brink of failure, her beloved ex-wife needs help in facing a terrible tragedy, and a hateful police detective storms back into her life, determined to convict her of the five-year-old murder of John Strand—pillar of the 


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