The blurb on the cover says it best: “Dating Dr. Dil is a frothy, snarky, hilarious treat.” This rom-com is like a Bollywood romance but with so much more heart. Kareena Mann is about to lose the house that her mother built, the home of her dreams. In four months, her father will retire and sell the house. The only way she can come up with the down payment in time, is if she gets engaged. Only then, will her father hand over the money he has set aside for her wedding. Dr. Prem Verma, host of the Dr. Dil Show, has a similar problem. He needs money for his clinic specializing in treatments unique to Asian women’s medical issues. His shortcut to money problems is also marriage. The only problem is that Kareena wants love and Prem doesn’t believe in love. The romance is a slow burn while the physical attraction sparks fireworks. I highly recommend this wonderful contemporary American romance with the warning that you will definitely find yourself craving Indian food throughout. Ditch your diet and give in to the spice!!!! #23for23

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