#23for23 Just finished listening to Rebekah Weatherspoon’s HAVEN, the first in her Beards and Bondage series, and whoa, this story takes of like a rocket on page one. Mountain man, Shep Olsen’s life turns upside down when Claudia Cade comes crashing through his front door. She is beat up and bleeding and her tormentor is in pursuit. Shep has to take drastic measures to save her life. Once the emergency is over and Claudia is safely recovering in the hospital, his laid-back mountain existence should have gone back to normal, but both Claudia and Shep can’t stop thinking about each other. The experience has, in some ways, bonded them. After two months of living on opposite coasts trying to act like nothing happened, Claudia returns to Shep. They make a deal, one week together with total honesty about what they need in a sexual partner. What they eventually reveal to each other is what they need emotionally. This story was face paced, sexy as hell, and I loved these characters. Rebekah Wetherspoon is a hell of a wonderful romance writer. I love her and you will, too!

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