JACKAL by Erin E. Adams is a psychological thriller that will:

A) Keep you up at night.

B) Give you the shivers.

C) Make your skin crawl.

The answer is, of course, D) All of the above. In the story, Liz Rocher returns to her small-town hometown for her best friend Mel’s wedding. What was supposed to be a weekend celebration of love turns out to be a week-long nightmare of terror when Mel’s daughter Caroline disappears into the woods. The ineptitude of the police and their reluctance to conduct a thorough search is shocking. Driven in part by feelings of guilt, Liz begins her own investigation. After only a few days, she discovers that her friend’s daughter, Caroline, is not the first young black girl to go missing in the woods. The tension ramps up with every page. The deeper Liz digs the more she realizes there is no one she can trust. All throughout the story, there is a tantalizing hint at something evil, something malignant, something supernatural lurking in the woods feeding off hatred and racism. Adams really knows how to get under a reader’s skin and make it crawl with anxiety. I highly recommend this book but not if you’re going on a camping trip, and I definitely won’t be going for a hike anytime soon. I listened to the audio version and narrators Sandra Okuboyejo and William DeMeritt are excellent. #23for23

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