I just finished listening to Christina C Jones’s PULLING DOUBLES, the second book in her Wright Brothers series and have become a fan or Jones, the Wright Brothers, and Medical Romance all in the course of one book! The story features Devyn Echols, a nurse practitioner, and Joe Wright, an arrogant, know-it-all doctor who, unfortunately, is her mentor and, consequently, her tormentor during her one-year internship. Jones skillfully portrays how quickly antagonism can turn to attraction. Dr. Joe’s personal dating code is hands-off when it comes to co-workers. Nurse Devyn’s personal dating code is hands-off when it comes to infuriating doctors. It’s so much fun to watch these two flail-about until they finally tumble into a storage closet and succumb to their deepest desires. Oh yes. Sparks will fly and know-it-all doctors will eat their words. You will love this one, I guarantee. #23for23

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