I’m absolutely delighted I can post my review of Steve Wilton’s fantasy novel, Queen of Crows. He’s another Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp alum. Even though I write Highland and Regency romance, I love to read fantasy, so I have been waiting for this one to be released. You can pre-order now! Here’s my review: 

As a GOT fan, I thought nothing could be better than dragons until I met the Wyverns in S.L. Wilton’s new Queen of Crows. I only hope this is the first in a trilogy because I want more. When her father the king is betrayed in battle, Sophia must take on the role of queen before she is fully prepared. Shortly after she is anointed, her cousin stages a coup. The few soldiers still loyal to her father’s memory spirit her away from the castle before she is forced into marrying the usurper. What follows is Sophia’s quest for an army brave enough to help her take back the throne. Along the perilous journey back to power, Sophia’s character as a leader is forged in the fires of adversity. She has help from friends, wizards, and wyverns but, in the end, Sophia does it all on her own. Five gold stars for Queen of Crows.

And here’s the book blurb on Amazon: In a world of strange magic, dangerous creatures, and villainous wyverns, an ousted young queen struggles to regain her throne. Sophia Pendergast’s quest is complicated by deep-rooted misogyny embedded in her culture and religion. Her lover, a dashing young knight, offers her a life in obscure comfort, but she refuses to abandon her people to the usurper’s whims. To retake her throne and set prophecy on its path, she must embrace a long-denied secret and discover a prophecy’s hidden meaning. In S. L. Wilton’s Queen of Crows, we discover simple truths may not exactly be simple.


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