Sophie Barnes, how could I only just now be discovering all your wonderful books? The Dishonored Viscount is the 8th book in the Diamonds in the Rough series This one really captured my imagination. Lady Louise is plagued by an eye affliction most commonly treated with a painful and often temporary procedure during this time in Great Britain. She has a chance encounter with Marcus Berkly, the most skilled eye-surgeon in London who has perfected a newer treatment that is less painful and reliably permanent. Louise’s father won’t allow her to be treated by Marcus Berkly because Berkly’s father was convicted of murder and was stripped of all titles. Louise’s father, like the rest of the Ton, believes criminal behavior must run in the blood. But Louise defies her father’s wishes and has the procedure done anyway. Unfortunately, she has to lie to Berkly to get him to agree. Will he forgive her and will her father ever stop his relentless persecution of Marcus Berkly? What I loved most was the slow, sweet burn. Really well done. And the research that went into this story is extensive. I always appreciate the attention to detail.

Here’s the publisher’s description: He knows he doesn’t deserve her, yet he can’t get her out of his mind…
Stripped of his title because of a crime his father committed, Marcus Berkly has struggled to find a new place for himself in the world. Now, as London’s most skilled eye-surgeon, he dedicates his time to his patients while steering clear of Society. Until a chance encounter with a determined young woman upends his life.
When Lady Louise discovers that Mr. Berkly’s surgical method could save her from permanent blindness, she decides to enlist his help. Against her father’s direct orders, she takes charge of her fate, and falls desperately in love in the process. But can a proper lady and an ill-reputed scoundrel have a future together? Or are the odds against them simply too great?

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