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I attended a writer’s conference last year during which presenters lit a fire under unpublished authors to get their social media ducks in a row before sending out query letters. Apparently, the first thing many agents and editors do is Google you. If you have no web...

Five Things I’ve Learned About Becoming a Writer

Five Things I've Learned About Becoming a Writer 1. Writers Write. Writing requires time and focus (and talent, but I'll get to that). If you don't have the drive to sit at your computer for hours and write, then you're probably not going to write anything. And if you...

FQL: Fricking Query Letters

FQL: Fricking Query Letters This is how I feel about fricking query letters: I'd rather move back in with my parents than write a fricking query letter. I'd rather run my fingers through Donald Trump's comb-over than write a fricking query letter. I'd rather lick...


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