I’m not a prude, but I did wonder if I had the…um…fortitude to swallow (oops, sorry) a reverse harem novel. Yes, that’s right. Instead of one guy and many wives, flip that around. Lilac is the story of an internationally famous rock band named Bound that has lost their lead guitarist. The record label hires an undeniably talented (yet unknown) female guitarist, firebrand Braxton Fawn, against the wishes of Bound. The remaining band members, control freak Houston, perpetual flirt Loren, and nice guy Jericho believe Braxton is all wrong and are happy to let her know it. Braxton can take their constant griping but she absolutely will NOT sleep with any of them and she will NOT be bullied into quitting. This is her big break. Lilac is a slow, slow burn but, man, when the fire is lit, whoo boy, it takes off like a rocket. It’s erotic, yes, but there is plenty of romance. In fact, three times the romance! I don’t know what kind of magic B.B. Reid used to infuse this story with so much love but it will sweep you up and take you away! #23for23

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