I don’t think I can describe The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store better than Danez Smith of the New York Times Book Review, “smart, heart-blistering, heart-healing,” because this book is all about heart in the metaphorical sense. The story is set in Pennsylvania during the first half of the 20th Century—a time when segregation masquerades as integration, and a place where promises of prosperity, opportunity, and equality only apply to whites. That may sound grim but the resounding message of this story is one of love, endurance, and justice. This may seem like a small story about Pottstown, Pennsylvania and a neighborhood called Chicken Hill, but it is a better historical representation of America at that time than any history book. I don’t want to give away anything because I would want readers to have the same revelatory experience I did. I listened to the audio version. The narrator, Dominic Hoffman, is excellent. I highly recommend this book to every reader and thank the person who recommended it to me. #23for23

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